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 Ken joined the British Army and in Berlin, Germany, Catterick, Canada and Denmark. Ken retired from the Army as a Warrant Officer.

After leaving the Army he worked briefly as a Hotel Manager before  joining the Body of Yeoman Warders at HM Tower of London. Which was always a life long ambition. He enjoys all sports but football is his passion!   Ken has worked for Ripping Yarns since 2006 and likes nothing better than entertaining our guests on his nightly Jack the Ripper tours. Ken in his spare time serves the public as a special constable for the local community.

After 25 years Military Service Simon was to take an Oath  and qualify as a Member of Her Majesty's Bodyguard of the Yeoman of the Guard Inextraordinary. More commonly known as Yeoman Warders or 'Beefeaters.' He was to join Ripping Yarns in 2006 and has been with them ever since.

Simon has taken part in several Documentaries such as 'The Tower' and 'Relocation Relocation' plus several other overseas 'Jack the Ripper' productions.
Dickie retired from the Army in 1993 after 23 years service in both Infantry and Mechanical Engineering. He joined the Body of Yeoman Warders in the Tower of London in 2000 and became part of Ripping Yarns Tours in 2006.
He was described in an article in the Sunday Times as a superb guide with the wit of Frankie Howerd, the eloquence of Laurence Olivier and the facial expressions of Old man Steptoe.

Dickie is featured as the narrator in the Tower of London’s You Tube production 'an introduction to the Tower'. He has also represented Ripping Yarns Tours in 2 major television programmes, BBC The Price of Vice, and Channel 5 'The Man who Invented Jack the Ripper'.
 Yeoman Jack the Ripper Guide
Steve joined the Royal marines in 1974 and served with 40 Commando as a Rifleman, Specialist Machine Gunner and working in the Intelligence section during the Falklands war. bacame a member of Ripping Yarns Ltd in 2006 and has extensive knowledge of the Jack the Ripper. Steve has studied Jack for many years and considers himself a subject matter expert. 

He serves as a special Constable with the Thames Police and works the river on the police boats, a very specialist job! He is a keen biker and owns several classic motorbikes!! Steve is a dedicated family man and one of his sons followed in his foot steps and served in Afghanistan. He is a fabulous tour guide and his eccentric style of tours is extremely entertaining.

Barney, one of our tour guides

Barney joined the Royal Marines in 1979 serving 22 years he left in 2009 and joined the body of yeoman warderrs. He is one of the assistant Raven Masters at the Tower of London. His interest is Fitness and football, West Ham United is his passion.

Random Testimonials

Chris & Sam, Sidcup

Great tour - we learned such a lot about Jack the Ripper and about London.

Celia, Chingford, London

We had a great time on the Jack the Ripper tour last night!

Shane and Sue Rhodes, Newcastle Australia

Absolutely brilliant loved every bit of the tour, our guide was marvellous I recommend this tour to everyone.

Devlin and Caron, USA

This was so good what a tour the guide was excellent pure history with a few extras thrown in but no gimmicks.

Jo - Norwich, UK

Informative tour and guide. A must do on a visit to London.

Trip Advisor

Our Jack the Ripper Tour is highly regarded on popular travel review website Trip Advisor, where we are ranked 47 out of over 500 tours in London. Click Here to read our reviews, or leave us a comment.

£8 per Person